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Eyebrows Hair Loss Treatment | Hair Transplant Surgeon in Pakistan | FUE 
Eyebrows are extremely delicate structures with very fine single hair follicles arranged in an extremely intricate fashion. Getting eyebrow <a href=”http://www.hairtransplantsurgeon.com.pk/contact-us/”>hair transplant in Pakistan</a> can be a daunting task to accomplish as it is the case in the rest of the world, as most hair transplant surgeons are not familiar with the complexities of such hair transplants. <a href=”http://www.cosmetique.com.pk/laser-treatment-for-hair-loss.php”>Hair transplant</a> in eyebrow requires finer hair to be transplanted that can be taken from the lower occipital scalp (lower part of the back of the head) where hair are finer or thinner than the rest of the scalp. Also, using <strong>FUE</strong> (follicular unit extraction), single hair follicles can be picked among the multiple hair follicular units using very fine instruments called <strong>FUE</strong> punches. We use extremely fine <strong>FUE</strong> punches with diameters of 0.75 mm or even less to accomplish this task. <a href=”http://www.hair-transplant.pk/our-doctors/”>Prof. Dr. Azim Khan</a> teaches the young doctors the art and science of <strong>Hair transplant in Pakistan</strong> and abroad. In national and international meetings he trains doctors in <strong>FUE and FUT hair transplant in Pakistan</strong>, especially in Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi.

The latest method of follicular unit extraction is the ideal choice to perform hair transplant in the eyebrows. The reason is simple – you need fewer hair for this delicate region, and we do not want to make a huge cut on the back of the head to extract only a few hair. We can use extremely fine instruments called as follicular unit extraction punches to extract only one hair at a time – the ideal way to give the eyebrow it’s natural appearance. We specialize in performing this delicate procedure and take pride in being the innovator and leader in this field of <a title=”hair transplant in Pakistan” href=”http://www.hairtransplantsurgeon.com.pk/”>hair transplant in Pakistan</a>.